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First released in 1987, AutoCAD R12 was the first major update to AutoCAD, the first version of the AutoCAD series. It replaced the traditional drawing-based user interface (UI) with a point-and-click interface based on “paint-brush” and “lasso” tools, allowing designers to select the features of a drawing, including objects and layers, and to draw objects and make cuts by clicking.

Autodesk released a number of upgrades to AutoCAD in the 1990s, including AutoCAD LT (1992), AutoCAD 2000 (1994), AutoCAD 2002 (1996), and AutoCAD 2004 (1997). For a detailed account of the AutoCAD software package, see the AutoCAD timeline.

The 2002 release introduced sublicensing as a means to simplify the licensing process and provide a convenient method for customers that want to share AutoCAD with multiple users. Although sublicense pricing was later dropped, it is still available.

Release history

Product variants

There are multiple editions of the AutoCAD software product, each with its own specialized features. The first major difference between the editions is the type of license. Enterprise, Education, Performance, and Personal licenses all include AutoCAD software.

Enterprise editions

Enterprise editions of AutoCAD have many specialized functions that make them suitable for large-scale project management and design. Among them are design history, engineering controls, master data management, management of drawings, and the ability to synchronize with applications such as Microsoft Project.

Many companies, including EDS, sell AutoCAD for enterprise use as a primary CAD tool. Some other companies also market AutoCAD as a primary CAD tool.

Educational editions

AutoCAD Education editions are designed for students and teachers to learn and use AutoCAD. They include some of the same tools as the standard AutoCAD. However, the basic features are simplified for easier use. New users can be guided through step-by-step tutorials, guided on-screen instructions, or they can be assisted through AutoCAD Help.

The standard Student Edition for AutoCAD LT and the AutoCAD LT Architectural Edition are often used as an introductory educational tool.

Performance editions

AutoCAD Performance editions are aimed at users who create many drawings and renderings each day

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Drawings and models can be annotated. Drawings can be documented with text notes and rich text content. For example, images can be added to a drawing and linked to text in the drawing.

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The serial key can be found in the
cell. It has the format `$serial_key$’
where $serial_key$ is the serial key of the form
`$serial_key:some_string:date$’ and $date$ is the date of activation
of Autodesk Autocad.
See \ref{tab:keys} for more information on Autodesk Autocad serial
keys and how to use them.

for _, b := range s {
if b ==” || b == ‘:’ {
if!validChar(b) {
return errors.New(“invalid chars in name”)
s = s[1:]
if len(s) > 0 && (s[0] == ‘.’ || s[0] == ‘`’) {
return errors.New(“invalid chars in name”)

return nil

func validateSymbolDictionary(symbols []byte) error {
var ssym uint32
for i := 0; i uint32(len(symbols)-1) {
return errors.New(“invalid symbols in symbol dictionary”)
return nil

func validateFailedSyscalls(syscalls []byte) error {
if len(syscalls)!= 2 {
return errors.New(“invalid syscall table size”)

if syscalls[0] == 0 && syscalls[1] == 0 {
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return nil

func validateFixmapIndex(fixmap [

What’s New In AutoCAD?

In addition to streamlining communication among stakeholders in a design review process, Automated Feedback in AutoCAD 2020 and Automated Feedback in AutoCAD 2023 enable your team to collaborate easily, exchange feedback and collaboratively incorporate it into your designs. Create drawing templates with dynamic and smart options, and rapidly update them to reflect changes in your designs.

What is it?

Automatic feedback is the ability to pass automatically from one drawing to another, or among multiple drawings in a single file, or between a drawing and a PDF.

How does it work?

A drawing template is essentially a predefined set of layouts that is customized to reflect changes made in the active drawing.

You can use drawing templates to share your feedback with colleagues in an easy way, with a single click. You also enable them to add feedback or to comment on your design, using a new command in the markup dialogue box (LMB) that displays the comments in the drawing window.

When a drawing template is shared or reused, you can update it to reflect changes made in the active drawing, so the designer can review it with just one click.

How to use it?

When the designer clicks the markup tool and enters the dialogue box (LMB), comments appear in the drawing window. (You can also enter comments manually.)

All comments are highlighted in red, yellow or green.

Make comments in green to thank the designer for their work, in yellow for suggestions to consider, or in red for potential problems or areas of improvement.

In addition, comments in the dialogue box can be linked to any predefined drawing options.

• You can link all comments to a predefined drawing option.

• If the designer clicks on the drawing option, the comments associated with the option are displayed in the drawing window.

The comments associated with each option remain valid until the designer changes the option, or until you manually edit the comments.

• You can edit the comments associated with each option. (Note: Only the author of a comment can edit the comment.)

• The comments associated with an option appear in the dialogue box when the designer chooses that option.

• You can click and drag an option to select or deselect it, so you can see the associated comments.

Drawing Templates:

Save time and improve your workflow. There is more than one way to create a drawing template,

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

This game is DirectX 11 capable.
Please make sure you have Windows 7, 8 or 10, a DirectX 11 compatible video card with at least 2GB of video memory (which you can find on NVIDIA cards) and you will be good to go.
The game is also Windows 7 or 8 only and there are no plans to move to Windows 10 any time soon.
Mouse is highly recommended for playing.
You can play with keyboard and mouse just fine.
You can play with keyboard and gamepad just